Manufacturer No.1 of plastic components for aerosol packaging in Russia



Company History

AEROPLAST LLC is founded in 2012 as a manufacturing company. The manufacturing workshop and the office are located in Moscow Region, the city of Electrougli, Zavodskaya 6-1. AEROPLAST LLC is specialized in manufacturing of plastic components for aerosol packaging by the injection molding. The range of products is the following: 1. Overcaps for all typical sizes of aerosol cans. 2. Adapters and sprayers for professional and household PU-foam. 3. Vertical spray caps for household air fresheners. 4. Dispensers for beauty products.

Today AEROPLAST LLC is the largest manufacturer in Russia in its segment. 69 specialists work in the company. AEROPLAST has 10 fully electric injection molding machines “JSW”, Japan which allows to reduce costs and improve manufacturing efficiency. The total warehouse, manufacturing workshop and office area is more than 1750 м².



69 specialists


10 electrical injection moulding machines

Made by JSW, Japan

The manufacturing office area

AEROPLAST LLC is located in a permanent structure with the following characteristics:

680 м²

The manufacturing office area

220 м²

Office area

1540 м²

Total warehouse area

We manufacture more than 300 000 000 products per year!

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